Comfy Concerts

Comfy Concerts is an exciting new venture, intended to bring quality musical performances to busy parents, friends, and relatives of young children, while including the younger generation with age-appropriate stories, discussions, and quiet activities in the midst of the music-making. The activities will be geared toward children ages 4-11, but all ages are welcome. Younger children may escape with their parents to the garden if needed, and older children and teenagers are most welcome to come and listen along.

Audience members of all ages will be introduced to the lives, as well as the music, of the composers on the program. The goal is to connect the music to its time and place, and to the personalities and stories of the composers themselves.

Coffee and tea will be provided, as well as kid friendly snacks, and each child will receive a packet of coloring/drawing materials related to the music, to work on as they listen.